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Download our streamer app to access your Simplay PC

Download our streamer app to access your Simplay PC

You could also connect from any device by using Parsec

*Requires a Windows PC and the Simplay streamer app for initial set up

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simplay different from my local PC?

Not at all. Your Simplay PC is a Windows desktop – use it just as you would any other new PC. Log in to Steam, or other digital store fronts and download your games. You could even install addons, mods and any type of software you can think of.
What are the recommended system requirements?
Simplay’s streamer app would run on any potato PC from 2012 or newer models. The specific minimum requirements are:
· CPU: Intel i3 Gen. 3 (Ivy Bridge) or better.
· Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (2012) or better.
· RAM: 2GB or more.
· Storage: 250 MB.
Do I need a strong broadband connection?
Yes, A strong and stable connection of 20Mbps or more is required for FullHD 60 FPS streaming.
Is my Simplay PC secure?
Absolutely. Your Simplay PC is private and secure, and so is the data you store on it. We use advanced security measures and unique streaming keys to protect your Simplay PC from any unauthorised access.
Need help getting started?
Let us know! We’d love helping you set everything up, so you could get to playing as soon as possible!
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